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Code block does not load a large code with 16k lines


I am new to Code Block and doing Fortran after many years. I have a large old (1978 vintage) F77 code (with 16K+ lines) inherited from a colleague. While trying it out on C::B, I find it loads less than 1 K lines and that gives errors. It loads and compiles on SilverFrost Plato IDE with FTN95 Fortran. Is there some option in C::B that is wrongly chosen during installation?

Are you using the CodeBlocks fortran customized version from or the CodeBlocks version from or did you download it from somewhere else? Did you install the 32bit or 64 bit version?

Either way, can you please select the Help->About menu item and then go to the information tab and copy the info and attach it to your post.

What is the exact first error message? Are the rest of the error messages the same?

What OS are you using what what is it's specific version number? How much RAM do you have?

@skhauluck: Does the file load correctly in scite, geany, notepad++, codelite or any other scintilla based editor? What about using some other editor like vim, vscode, and others (not scintilla based)?


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