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I am Khawailad but go by KK as well. I got my Dell Inspiron N-5110 (i7-2nd gen) in 2011 which is still running alright on SSD and upgraded RAM. Due to screen resolution, I couldn't get many lines of code, so I have MacBook Pro now (i9-10th gen).

As many would know OS-X and Code::Blocks don't mix well. However, I came across a google directory with .dmg files for MAC. I tested the latest one after allowing it through security settings and it seems to run OK.

I am writing here to see if something can be done officially.

Here are the links to the post and google folder I found the .dmg files.

post url:

google folder url:

Please see if Code::Blocks can be officially supported.

Many thanks.

Muhammad Khawailad Khan (aka: Khawailad; KK)



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