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Unofficial Code::Blocks installers for Windows x86 & x64 Janurary 2022

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--- Quote from: AndrewCot on August 06, 2021, 02:14:10 am ---The x64 info is included in the original post above. The readme on the Sourceforge file download page is the latest and includes the build info for x86, which was updated when I did the x86 installers.

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OK, I see it, it is "Built with MSYS2 mingw64 GCC 10.3 using the latest MSYS 2 release".

--- Quote ---All of the installers include the CbLauncher.exe as the installers include everything the existing ones do plus some more files.  Looks like I need to do a cross check on the start menu shortcuts between the NSIS and ISS scripts as the ISS script does not include adding a shortcut like the NSIS installer does.

Do you mean by "support portable" mode by adding the shortcut into the ISS installers?  If not, can you please elaborate or point me where I can find out what I need to do to add the mode in.

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I mean in the install page, you can tell the user, if they want to use C::B in portable mode, they should run "CbLauncher.exe", otherwise, they can run "CodeBlocks.exe". Or maybe, a better idea is to add a new shortcuts as "run Code::Blocks in portable mode".

Generally, I think most people don't know running CbLauncher.exe will run C::B as portable mode.


Thanks for the explanation.

I have added this to my list to look at when I get to the issue of updating the installers to work with a non admin user account as the current installers need admin rights to installed that apps in the program files directory. Currently you need admin rights to run the cblauncher for it to work, which is not acceptable IMHO.

Updated 64 bit installers available with the following changes since the last relase:

06-Aug-21 Ticket 748 - In Help->"System Information" copy to clipboard button now anonymize's the data when copied to the clipboard and shows the spinning cursor while the data is being worked on.
06-AUG-21 Added missing INNO installer shortcuts that were in the NSIS installer.
06-AUG-21  NSIS only - Added XP SP 3 x86 and x64 support - different set of files from /win32/bin and /win64/bin.. NOTE: Inno setup 6 does not support XP anymore.  Needs to be tested as I do not have XP anymore!!!!

Updated 64 bit installers available with the following changes since the last release:

07-AUG-21 Ticket 654 - Copy Debug Watch variable content to clipboard. Add three extra watches dialog context menu options: copy data, copy symbol and data and copy the symbol tree.

Windows XP 32 bit installer has been tested and runs on XP x86 & x64, but the XP x64 does not run CB X64 build.

Updated all of the installers available with the following changes since the yesterday:

08-Aug-21 Inno ans NSIS Installer can install using non admin (user) account. Admin is needed to install in the C:\Program file.... directory. If you run normally you install as a user, but if you run as admin you are asked which type of installation  you want.
08-Aug-21 Updated the Installer_Pages.odt for installer user install changes.
08-Aug-21 Ticket 1122 - pull upstream changes, so incorporated this change to fix compilation with wx-master
08-Aug-21 Ticket 1113 - pull upstream changes, so incorporated this change to fix Linux: xfce4 and gnome terminal can not be terminated
08-Aug-21 no ticket ref# - pull upstream changes, so incorporated this change for scripting change to Print more information when someone calls a native function from squirrel incorrectly.


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