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Project Base Path and Soft Links

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None of the ones you listed was a user defined global variables; do you kown that they exist?

I hope wiki works for you; my internet connect or the wiki server is junk today.

Tim S.

Thoth: Are you trying to share the default.conf on multiple computers?

Hi stahta01 (Tim S.)

I do.
oBFusCATed referenced them in a reply.

I added those lines to that post to show that I do use variables (although global variables) in the compiler settings.  I thought it would be helpful.

I did read the contents of the URL several times ... especially section 6 ( Custom Members Mini-Tutorial ).
I did not find a way to eliminate the mount point from the path of a newly added file.

Something interesting I did see ...
When I opened a workspace using CodeBlock's  Open File icon, the resulting entry in the Recent Files section of the default.conf did not have the mount point as part of the path.
However, when I opened a 'new' project by double-clicking it in the file manager (thunar and nemo), the mount point was included in the Recent Files section when I reopened CodeBlocks.



Hi oBFusCATed,

--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on July 31, 2021, 07:38:26 pm ---Thoth: Are you trying to share the default.conf on multiple computers?

--- End quote ---

I was, back when I was using an ARM tablet as a portable development tool.

Don't ever, it is only going to cause problems.


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