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Windows CB using wxwidget debug DLL build issue with path query


I have locally built wxwidget and CB, but if I set WX_SUFFIX to ud instead of u then when I run CB I get get errors with PNG files due to what looks like wxwidget not changing the path delimiters from unix to windows as per the following pop up error message:

19:41:35: Error: Failed to load image from file "F:\Andrew_Development\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\output31_64\share\codeblocks/images/wxsmith/wxTreeCtrl32.png".

Has anyone successfully run CB that has been built using the wxwidget debug DLL's without any pop up errors appearing that seem to be caused by a path issue?

Got CB working correctly with the debug wxwidget DLL's. I fell into the hole where the CB global variables are not true global variables that override the variables used in all cbp files when using a workspace.

I had the CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp configured for <Variable name="WX_SUFFIX" value="ud" /> , BUT the other cbp files still had the value 'u' and as such when I built CB via the batch_build_all_31_64.bat file I had some of the built files using the debug and other using the release wxwidget DLL's.....

There does not look like there is a way of building CB with the debug wxwidget dll's without modifying all of the CB project files. If this is not the case please point me to a URL/post or let me know where/how I can configure the build process to build against the the debug wxwidget DLL's without modifying all of the cbp files.

It would be possible, but we have to make some homework first:,21696.msg147584.html#msg147584

Thanks very much for this thread link as it is exactly what I fell into. I will have a good read on this over the next few days.


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