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Is there a way of automatically configuring debugger on initial install?

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I have looked and cannot find any auto detect or code that tries to do any configuration of a debugger on initial install so that the end user does not have to configure the debugger manually.

If I have missed something can you please point me to where I have missed it. I also if this has been discussed before can someone please let me know the thread link or what to search for in the forum so I can see what was attempted and why it failed or in the more likely case was rejected.

There is no such code, nor there are previous attempts to do it after the switch to the debugger config style.
Before that the debugger exe setting was part of the compiler settings.

Not sure it is worth the complications at the moment.

oBFusCATed, thanks for the response.  I have a working P.O.C. that optionally adds the debugger configs and links the compiler.

Over the next few days I am now going to test that the following compilers I have on my Windows setup work with all of the patches I have been working on and fix any bugs I come across:
1) GCC Cygwin
2) GCC MSYS2 - mingw32
3) GCC MSYS2 - mingw64
4) GCC TDM-32
5) GCC TDM-64
6) GCC mingw-w64
7) GCC mingw    (mingw32)
8) LLVM Clang MSYS2 - mingw64

I have the code changes done, tested and ready to submit to resolve ticket 114 once the following has been done:
1) Ticket 374 patch lands in the truck.
2) Cygwin code changes lands in the trunk
3) Submit patch for ticket 1117 once 1 & 2 are done
4) Submit patch for ticket 1111 once 3 lands in the trunk

1 is highly unlikely to happen. For me TDM is dead for example (it cannot compile C::B in its last version).
Also I'm not sure we want to have 10 different but kind of the same compilers in the list.
I suppose the code should do a copy when it auto-detects multiple compilers of the same kind, but then it gets really complex about the order and naming.

I see a patch about 3, isn't this the latest version?
I don't see why 4 is a dependency on this one.


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