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Is it possible to remove compilers from the default list

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I'd really like to remove all the unused (and not useful to me) compilers, leaving just the handful of very shiny new that I use, preferably at least at the top or bottom so that finding them is quicker.

<aside> What controls the order of compilers? </aside>

But when I try remove unwanted compilers using CB, Settings, Compiler, chose Borland (say), the option for delete is grayed out.

If I use force majeur and delete the <bcc> ... </bcc> section, Codeblocks helpfully(?) restores it!

So this is hardcoded somewhere?  Any suggestions on really removing unwanted compilers?

(I realize that installing new versions may restore the full default list).

Miguel Gimenez:
Try going to

--- Code: ---share\CodeBlocks\compilers
--- End code ---
and move the unwanted compiler (compiler_xxx.xml) out of the folder

I have been working on an option to only show the detected compilers in the compiler drop down list. I have finished the initial development and done the first pass of testing this afternoon (OZ time). I will be pushing the changes to the following github branch once I do more testing in a few days, which I hope will eventually be the solution for ticket 1111. See attached PNG for example of the result of the list change (there are also changes for the add/copy/delete/rename for index changes).

Tomorrow I will also be pushing a similar change to the auto detected dialog to the following branch, which I hope will eventually be the solution for ticket 1117.

Tomorrow I will also be pushing my latest compiler XML file to the following branch, which I hope will eventually be the solution for ticket 374.

These changes should help you out allot as the list is way way to big to be usable IMHO and it is worse for newbies.

Okay the order is decided by the weighting in the compiler XML file if you read the WIKI, but I have not spotted this in the code yet. Watch out as I got errors when I deleted some of the compiler XML files before I made the changes as they were getting in the way like you have seen.

Can you add the remove issue to ticket 1111. The force majeur I do is to "rmdir /q /s %APPDATA%\CodeBlocks" BUT BUT it will remove you debugger settings and global variables, but will fix the compiler quirks yo cause when testing new compiler XML and then stuff up the compiler settings. The another option, which may be better is to delete the <compiler><sets> in the  %APPDATA%\CodeBlocks\default.conf file and see how CB reacts as this is where the compiler info is stored.

Let me know if you want the AC-CompilerDialogDetectedOption as they are and I will push them up tomorrow.

Let me know how you get on.

Renaming some files in "C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\compilers" from .xml to .xml.old seems to reduce the clutter level for me, but AndrewCot's changes look like a proper solution, perhaps for the next Codeblocks revision/release?

<aside> As a Windows user, I find an invaluable site for downloads of pre-built binaries for Windows for mingw-64 and GCC, more recently 11.1.0.  And for LLVM the  I downloaded/copied to C:\LLVM\clang-1200\LLVM and used this for the executable containing the /bin folder.  This gives access to the gleaming newest versions and latest C++ standard versions, and hoping the least bugs. </aside>

I'm puzzled why the Settings/Compiler/ delete option is greyed out.

Also the compiler order is still a mystery to me.

Miguel Gimenez:
The delete option should be enabled only for compilers you created, not for built-in ones.

The order is given in the weight field of the XML entry, bigger number means later in the list:

--- Code: ---<CodeBlocks_compiler name="Borland C++ Compiler (5.5, 5.82)"

--- End code ---


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