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Can't start a project due to some unknown problems

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Tell me, oBFusCATed, is "Win32 GUI project" the right project if I want to create special window, to put there memo1 text field, buttons, radio boxes, checkboxes etc.. ? How to work with windows forms? What type of project to start?

What do you mean by "windows forms"? The official API behind this name is a C#/.net based one (and probably already deprecated and replaced by many others).
If you want to make a GUI application using the Win32 API, I guess the project type you're currently using is fine. :)

There is a way to use "gooey" GUI in a C++ using wxWidgets framework. One amateur is showing how to use it in MS Visual Studio:

Isn't it the same in CodeBlocks? I saw wxWidgets icon in projects wizard menu.

Miguel Gimenez:
You can use the wxWidgets project wizard and then wxSmith to create your application, but before you must download the binary wxWidgets library (if it exists for your compiler) or compile it yourself.

For the latter you can use the guide in the wiki


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