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20.3 Slow to launch on SSD Laptop

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But what is at the top in "Task Manager", "Details" tab (NOT the default "Processes" tab), sorted descending by "CPU"? (Maybe you have to click the arrow-down "More details" first to see the tabs) I hope it's Code::Blocks...
You can also increase the refresh rate in the top menu - "View" - "Update speed" - High.

You might also be in Power Save mode on your laptop and just not have enough GHz to go around and launch quicker.

Commaster, yes on the Details tab.

Code::Blocks on launch momentarily becomes top CPU usage at about 24%, then it's Status becomes Not Reponding and drops down the list with ~7% CPU while it's icon flashes sideways slowly in the Taskbar.

iType becoming the dominant CPU process with 22% CPU until CODE::BLOCKS opens fully. This behaviour is the same under Normal or High update speed.

Typically the other top are Details(CPU) are System Idle(40~60%) and Antivirus(20~30%).

I've tried a few install variations overnight, and found the primary problem is the very slow parsing of the default plugins folder, about two seconds per plugin present. As yet I have not found out what the cause is, at this stage it doesn't appear to be antivirus related as I tried both adding an exception and removing the antivirus with no obvious impact on startup performance.

I did find something interesting, as a test I moved the default plugins into a sub-folder, this stopped them loading but they are still very slowly parsed at Code::Blocks launch even though they are not loaded. If I move them out of the plugins folder altogether or rename the plugins folder launch happens in a split second.

Further testing plugins one by one, it appears the problem is caused by the presence of the compiler plugin 0.99, remove it and launch happens in a split second but obviously it's not useful to have that plugin absent. If anyone knows what the plugin does during loading I'm happy to run some further tests to get a better idea of what might be the cause.

Instead of renaming or moving the plugin folder; did you try to disable all the plugin except for Compiler and the search plugins?

Note: From memory one of the search plugins causes CB to crash when disabled.

Tim S.

Hi Tim, thanks for the reply.

I tried disabling all plugins except compiler through the Manage Plugins, I have no listed Search plugins, I reverted to a clean Standard install so I might not have all the plugins of a full install.

The launch delay still occurs with just the compiler plugin enabled.

I had a play with some of the suggestions from AndrewCot in the linked thread here about removing default compiler sets,24564.msg167676.html#msg167676

It does appear that the launch delay is related to very slow parsing of the <compiler ....... sets> from AppData\Roaming\CodeBlocks\default.conf


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