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20.3 Slow to launch on SSD Laptop

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Th XML file parsing is not very complex. Have you been moding the compiler or options XML files? If you have can you post them so I can see if these are the problem.

Can you try the following to see where the issue may be:
1) Rename the %APPDATA%\CodeBlocks directory to  %APPDATA%\CodeBlocks_Backup
2) Start codeblocks
3a) If it was fast can you post the default.conf file so people can have a look at it. You then haev two options restored the backup directory or setup the default compiler, debugger and any settigns you have changed. It may be worth diffing the new and backup default.conf to see what you configured if you cannot remember or just want to see the differences are
3b) If it was slow can you do the following:
i) Rename the "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\compilers" directory to "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\compilers_backup".
ii) download the latest nightly zip file and unzip it into a temp directory.
iii) Create the "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\compilers" directory
iv) Copy the files in the compiler directory from the nightly zip file into the compilers directory.
v) Run CB again and see if it fast or slow. If it is fast can you zip up the "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\compilers_backup" and post it so people can have a look at it. If its slow I am out of things to try, Sorry.
vi) Compare the backup and new compiler directory files to ensure they are the same and if they are delete the backup. If there are differences you cannot explain post details as they may be relevant.

Without running a profiler it would be really hard to understand why it is so slow.
Have you tried a night build?

OK, so I've tried the Nightlies with no success.

Renaming %APPDATA%/CodeBlocks, and replacing the share\CodeBlocks\compilers folder from the nightly made no difference.

Interestingly, removing MS Mouse and Keyboard Center has made a large difference, launch time has halved, the Code::BLocks no longer sits Not Rsponding for long if at all during launch. It's still quite a bit slower than the desktop which is weird for an SSD, but it's signifcantly better than it was.

C::B load time is CPU bound, not file-read bound.
Actually very few applications are really file-read bound...

Thanks, and I suspect that for whatever reason when I launch C::B something in MS MKC conflicts and hogs the CPU via the iType application, maybe something related to custom keyboard mapping. Although the Details tab suggest CPU Idle time is high, and C::B makes little use of either CPU or Disk during the Plugin scanning phase when the compiler plugin is enabled.

Even when the compiler plugin is disabled and launch happens almost instantly (Maybe 5 ~ 10s) the C::B CPU and Disk use really doesn't change much from the slow to load state, so it looks to be quite a complex problem, not something trivial as I had hoped.

As an aside, I don't recall having these problems prior to 20.3, if I recall correctly 17.12 might have actually launched faster on the SSD laptop than it did on the HDD Desktop.


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