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20.3 Slow to launch on SSD Laptop

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I have an interesting problem on one Win 10 laptop, for some reason 20.3 has suddenly become very slow to launch.

I've tried a reinstall / clean install, I've removed the default project folders, nothing I do seems to make a difference. It appears to me that the program is very slow at parsing the lexers during launch. I have quite a fast laptop with 1TB SSD, and launch is now taking almost 60 to 80s. On my desktop with a similar processor and a 2TB HDD launch happens in about 10 to 15s. The laptop was previously just as fast if not faster than the desktop, but for some unknown reason it has now slowed. I have not noticed any slow down in other software.

I'm new to Code::Blocks so any suggestions for a first diagnostic step will be greatly appreciated?

Your virus checker may be latching on it to check for viruses before allowing it to run. This happened to me.

Try excluding the .exe or CB folder from the virus checker. See if that helps.

Hi Pecan,

Thanks for the response, I've tried excluding the folders from real-time protection and even tried removing the anti-virus, but it's had little if any impact, the problem is truly bizarre.

In this case I'd keep the "Task Manager" open on the "Details" tab, sorted descending by "CPU".
Additionally, keep the "Resource Monitor" open on the "Disk" tab, "Disk Activity" subgroup, sorted descending by "Total (B/sec)".

Just a wild guess, most likely wrong: RAM is full so you are bullying your SWAP.

Commaster, thanks for the advice.

I launched as advised, certainly CPU goes to 100% and Code::Blocks shows as Not Repsonding. RAM never exceeds 46% of the available 16Gb, it sits at about 43% normally, and the disk is barely loaded. Only multiple instances of gcc showing up momentarily near the top of the list in the disk read column. I see some activity momentarily from anti-virus, etc., but it is just a spike not sustained.

I suppose I can rule out disk acces as the problem, unless the absence of disc activity is the problem.

There are two oddities in CPU usage during Code::Blocks launch as it is parsing the lexers, during that moment you see the program icon flashing on the taskbar. They are MS iType (Mouse and Keyboard Center) and Windows Driver Foundation - User-Mode Driver Foundation Host Process.

Interestingly, I've tried resetting the Code::Blocks Compiler options to defaults, I have the MingGW bundle installed. I see the very same sluggish behaviour on the laptop during the reset process with the CPU also going to 100% during this process. It automatically finds the MingGW install, but on the desktop the Reset to Defaults takes 1s and b arely loads the CPU, on the laptop it's a 10s long process with 100% CPU all the time.


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