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"Hello World". Error: No such file or directory


Hello. I wrote project that used "usb.c" file. This project done and removed.
Then I try create simple "Hello World" application

--- Code: ---int main()
    printf("Hello World!\n");
    return 0;
--- End code ---

Click Build and Run... And:
I see this sh...  >:(
gcc     No such file or directory
usb.c  No such file or directory

WTF?? Why new compiling searches old files and resources from old (removed) project??
I clear confused and dont know.. How fix this??
What means that "gcc No such file.." ??
I tried reinstall CB. But this uneusefull.
At another computer no any troubles

Miguel Gimenez:
Somehow you are still using the old project, or misconfigured the compiler settings. Can you post the CBP file?

Reinstalling applications (or OSes) is rarely a wise option.

Soros, Looks like you have either not installed a compiler or using the old project or have an incorrect default compiler or have not configured the compiler in codeblocks.

To configure a compiler in codeblocks please have a look at section 5.2.3 in the following codeblocks manual:

If you still cannot get CB working in addition to the CBP file as rquested by Miguel can you also supply the following details:

* What OS are you using? If it is Lunux can you let us know the distribution and release.
* What C/C++ compiler and version did you install?

If you post the "Build Log" instead of "Build Messages" it will also help find the problem's cause.

Tim S.


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