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CB trunk wxCHECK_RET failures with allot of the sdk resources

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--- Quote from: AndrewCot on June 28, 2021, 06:20:17 am ---As the list is huge I was thinking I would see about adding a checkbox to show all the compiler or only the detected so to make the compiler list more useful.

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Which list?
If I remember correctly the detected compilers are sorted on top. Adding a checkbox for this would complicate things for little benefit.

--- Quote from: AndrewCot on June 28, 2021, 06:20:17 am ---But I get an wxCHECK_RET failure in the wxWidget src\common\wincmn.cpp file on line 2490 when loading the auto_detect_compiler.xrc. Continue works. The wxWidget function that the assert is

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Which wx version are you using? If it is triggered by wxSmith it is probably a bug (either in C::B or wx).

I have tracked the symptom down to the use of <object class="wxStdDialogButtonSizer">, which if I replace it it with <object class="wxBoxSizer"> and make other appropriate changes to for the sizer change. The wxStdDialogButtonSizer is used where dialogs have a "Cancel" or "Ok" or both at the bottom of the dialog.

I now need to investigate the wxStdDialogButtonSizer to see why this is causing the problem.

I am using CB on Windows SVN 12468, which uses wxwidget 3.1.5. I have not tried on Linux Mont 20.1, which uses 3.0.5

It is an issue, please log it. I get a use-after-free report from asan as advertised.

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