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Sourceforge 32 bit Mingw 20.03 file query


It looks like the following two CB 20.04 mingw 32 bit files were repackaged and re-uploaded on the 29-Dec-2020, but I cannot find any announcements or info about this:


* codeblocks-20.03-32bit-mingw-32bit-setup.exe

From ticket looks like this was done as the previous "codeblocks-20.03mingw-32bit-setup.exe" file was incorrectly bundled with 64-bit MinGW.

Is this correct? If it is then can you point me at the announcement or post about this.
If it is not correct then why were the files changed?

I think indeed we discovered that it contained some 64 bit artifacts, and a repackaging got done, but I think not announcement was made.

Thanks for the acknowledgement. Tickets 970 & 994 are now "resolved" by this.

Can I make a suggestion that next time that you keep the same name format and append a "_rev2" or "_rel2" to the base filename and delete the old files instead of changing the base filename.

BTW the packages are still not 100% correct as they have the 64 bit bat and url files in the mingw root instead of the w32 files. This is probably in the CB NSIS installer project. This is another area that needs work.... yet more tickets when i get around to it.


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