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Sourceforge Ticket review - feeback on easy tickets to close part 1

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No worries.

BTW I have reached out to the fortran plugin devs on their google discussion group board ( to look at the Fortran tickets once I get a list of tickets for them to look at and they were okay with this. I think any future tickets related to fortran should probably be posted to the google cb fortran board to look at as they will be way better at looking into it than any C++ dev.

I am starting to see a few wxSmith bugs. Is there someone that I should ask to see if they are relevant or not etc? If there is not someone then I will leave them as open as I do not want to spend allot of time on them at the moment as I do not use CB for wxwidget GUI apps.

I have completed my first pass of the tickets and my proposed results are for the 497 currently open are:

* 163 should be easy to close with no work, apart from reading the ticket and/or forum posts.
* 190 still open - these need work
* 171 to be looked at on the second pass to see if the current proposal can be refined or needs to change.
I am seeing a few patterns as follows:

* - There are a bunch of tickets for the following:

* Fortran - asked fortran plugin owner to look at them.
* wxsmith - seems to be an area that has issues.
* Visual studio support - current support is very old.
* Compiler auto detection on Windows or windows compiler setup and/or configure issues .
* Some tickets have patches, but there is no feedback on the patch and that patch was not applied to the trunk.
* Ticket fixes were started but not completed by various devs.
* Ticket fixes were started and there were differing opinions on how it should be done, which is good for a healthy project, BUT then it went no where. Even worse was that some of the workwas okay and this never even made it into the trunk.


Please find in the attached zip file the following updated files that now include all of the current tickets that should be able to be closed easily with no work:

* CodeBlocks_Tickets_27JUN2021_Proposed_Close_Only.csv
* CodeBlocks_Tickets_27JUN2021_Proposed_Close_Only.ods
* CodeBlocks_Tickets_27JUN2021_Proposed_Close_Only.xlsx
* CodeBlocks_Tickets_27JUN2021_Proposed_Close_Only_Comments.csv
If who ever eventually takes this an runs with does not agree with a ticket to be closed please keep track of them in a spreadsheet or csv or text file so at the end you have a list that cannot be closed for some reason so it can be discussed.

Currently my breakdown of the open tickets into some sort of category with counts currently is:

Row Labels   Count
Check & test   3
Check/ Test / Apply change   1
Close   170
close?   19
open   193
TBA   12
Test / Apply change   46
Not Checked   9
open - VisualStudio   2
Fortran -Not Checked   2
Fortran -open   3
open - wxsmith   6
Fortran - TBA   1
Reproduce   10
Waiting for response   17
Open - non ascii   2
Close - Duplicate   1
Grand Total   497


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on June 27, 2021, 05:14:41 am ---Please find in the attached zip file the following updated files that now include all of the current tickets that should be able to be closed easily with no work:

--- End quote ---

You forgot uploading the attachment?

Thanks for your contribution!


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