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Sourceforge Ticket review - feeback on easy tickets to close part 1

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Try now for attachment.

Miguel Gimenez:
This is the same file up to current date, in ODS and XLS formats.

Do you want a list of what I think should be very easy to close tickets? These will ones I think can be closed based on the info in the ticket and are very low hanging.

Attached is my latest spreadsheet, but this time I have moved tickets related to the following into a their own worksheet (okay the ones I spotted, so if you find ones I have not moved please let me know):
* Mac / OSX   (16 tickets)
* MS Visual Studio   (5 tickets)
* Code Completion  (55 tickets)

This is the list of tickets that should be easy to close based on the info in the tickets.
#|Summary▾|Comment1078|Log display auto scrolls to top sometimes after compiling|Close as per last post in the ticket.1040| cert is invalid|Cert is a Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 one. As such this ticket can be closed.970|32-bit Win7 - gcc Not Compatible With Version of Windows Running|Original 20.03 mingw included mingw64 and looks to be fixed on 29-Dec-2020, but no announcemnets were done.952|20.04: copy/​paste problem on Ubuntu|Close as per last post.901|Search -> Replace fails when there are multiple selections|Ticket includes inappropriaye posts from creator. Not checked. Close due to inappropriate posts. Very low priority issue which will not get fixed.825|Add progress dialog to workspace/​project loading|Clsoe, see ticket 833.803|Edit PGI FORTRAN Win32 static link command|No lonerg applicable as per last ticket post. As such this ticket can be closed.622|Static Libraries not rebuilt if Static Library dependency is rebuilt|Close, see post from Teodor in ticket. As such this ticket can be closed.482|Code::Blocks freezing |Initial issue with Windows, which seems to be resolved as I have not had CB crash randomly without a reason sicne 20.03. The report form 2020 is fro a chromebook machine. As such this was probably a wxwidget issue from 2016 and there this ticket can be closed.432|editor: find word under cursor|Wx2.8 bug, fixed in 3.0 as it works okay with 3.x as per last post this bug can be closed.403|bug in creating file folder of codeblocks 16.01 (windows 10) |Working okay on SVN-12462 and bluehazzard could also not reproduce. As such the ticket can be closed.366|No Symbols and Code folding problem|Working okay on SVN-12462, so close the ticket.320|"make" from the released 16.01 version tries to run autotools|Unix/Linux build issue related to 16.01 assuming it's a dev environment config issue and as such it can be closed as it is 5 years old.287|Occasional Assert in wxDebugReport::AddContext|Have not seen this, so assuming it has been fixed in release after ticket was reported.273|F2 (logs window) not correcly working inside Editor|Works okay on Linux Mint 20.1 with CB SVN12286 wxWidget|Need option to select indent format within switch statements|CB astyle plugin was changed in 2015 to add options to resolve this ticket. Works in SVN r12458167|OS bricked by breakpoints|This is resolved. I cannot say why, but I have debugged later versions of the code on Ubuntu 18, 20 & Win10 with CB and CB works. The app does not always play ball when you stop a thread and does occasionally crash the OS due to bugs in the app.115|"Copy contents to clipboard" right-click menu gives incorrect line endings|Agree cannot fix, so close

Miguel Gimenez:
115, 187, 432, 901, 952 and 1078 closed... Can you striketrough them in your message?

366 is owned by ollydbg


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