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Sourceforge Ticket review - feeback on easy tickets to close part 1

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I have been looking at the open sourceforge tickets as there currently 496 open tickets, which is allot. A bunch of them are low hanging in that they can be closed with the following:
a)  Read the posts in the ticket and based on the post the ticket can be closed.
b) Testing with the latest nightly or recent Linux nightly versions do not exhibit the issue/bug/feature request is included in the nightly.
c) No enough info to reproduce the bug and the ticket is from 2016.
d) Bug or issue has not been seen or cannot be reproduced and the original poster has been asked to try a later version or supply more into and no response from years ago has been posted.
e) The ticket is a duplicate where I could easily find that it is a duplicate.

I have looked a at the 251 tickets so far and found the following:
- 99 Can be closed without any coding and minimal testing or reading etc a per the list above
- 28 Can be closed, but need to be looked at by one of the main CB developers to see if the ticket is okay to close.
- 94 are open
- 30 need a bit of time spent on them to see if the patch or fix in the ticket is okay or not and then get the patch applied. Some will be bad and some will be okay an others will need allot of work.

Please find in the attached (in the zip as xlsx cannot be attached) excel spread hseet the 99 that I think can be closed. I have put my comments in column C and my proposed status in column d, otherwise the data is from sourceforge (unless something has gone wrong).

Is there anyone who can take the list and run with it, so that the open sourceforge tickets can be reduced?

In the mean time I will keep looking at the rest of the tickets, but I expect that the number of easy tickets that can be closed will be less as they are more recent tickets.


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on June 24, 2021, 07:57:54 am ---Is there anyone who can take the list and run with it, so that the open sourceforge tickets can be reduced?

--- End quote ---
I cannot because xlsx is not a file type I can open... Try simple text files :)

And the actual problem is not that there are too many tickets, but there are too few people able/willing to solve them.

Do you have Libreoffice installed? If not I will upload a CSV.

That is why I chose to only give the list of tickets that are IMHO easy to close and not the ones that will take say 15+ minutes to look at. I think there may be a few 1 - 3 in the list where the info is in a thread that may take 5 to 10 minutes to read, but no code changes are required from the thread posts.

In the attached zip are the following files, which at worst you can use the Poposed_CB_Tickets_24JUN2021_Close_Only_Comments.csv file:

Thank you for your work..

and i agree on some tickets and will work the list on closing some.


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