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Unable to compile a first D language program

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Before or after editing the cbp file with a text editor?
I suppose the Compiler Flags tab doesn't have a "-Wall" option.
Keep in mind that these compilers are rarely used in codeblocks, so they might be outdated.
Also keep in mind that last time (12+ years ago) I've tried D in C::B the dependency tracking didn't work well/at all, so you might need to do full rebuilds every time you change something major.


--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on June 14, 2021, 12:19:01 pm ---Before or after editing the cbp file with a text editor?
--- End quote ---

Before and after.

--- Quote ---I suppose the Compiler Flags tab doesn't have a "-Wall" option.
--- End quote ---

It has one if I change the compiler back to GNU GDC. 

I may have been able to solve my problem with it using a DMD compiler and GDC flags if I had saved the project to update the project file to DMD. Although I am not sure how it would use a mix of program settings and project file settings. But I can't test that now because, while it started up initially with GDC as the default, now it won't let me switch to GDC as the default because it correctly says that it can't find it on my system.

When switching compilers C::B tries to match flags set for the old compiler in the new compiler.
If a flag is found in the new compiler it is set and you see a checkbox in the Flags tab.
If it is not found it is transferred as a string option in the "Other compiler options".

I tried to duplicate the issue by uninstalling and re-installing Code::Blocks. But apparently just getting rid of C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks (via an uninstall) is not enough. There appears to be some other file which is in my user space which the uninstall misses, because this time the same install executable behaved differently. It did not tell me what compilers it had found on my system on first usage/setup. And the default compiler setting  on startup is Digital Mars D (DMD).

There is a CodeBlocks\default.conf in you AppData somewhere. Any modern software doesn't store user preferences next to the installation. They are all per user.


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