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gcompilergcc active item in buildoptions dialog does not match current target


As the topic, the selected active build target tree item does not match the current active build target selected in the combobox of the current project.
Because, when the build options dialog being shown, it will check if there was a real build target select, if so, it would make the real build target as selected.
However, if there were some virtual build target existed, the current real target index would based its first non-zero real index within the whole target array.
so, this code line should be modified as:

Version, example project?
I think something like this has been fixed already recently.

recent head version, svn12458
Just take codeblocks project as the example will re-show the issue.
Im not sure if it same for windows version.

Please log an issue on
Here it will be forgotten.

I just forgot where I can create the tickets as before.


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