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Migrate CodeBlocks IDE mingw64 toolchain to MinGW 9.0.0



i'm trying to learn C++17, compile my code with <execution> and <filesystem> headers under Windows operation system and i have issues with it. I find out that this issues may be caused by MinGW64 version.
1) <execution> header not found in toolchain include directory.
2) <filesystem> compilation fails, you can just try to include it. ​

Could you please tell, when C::B will support last mingw64 version? (9.0.0). I really dont want to install Visual Studio on my mashine :(

Today, just install a compiler release which has the required (but useless /* end of c++modernity trolling*/) features.

cbUser121, I find that MSYS2 is easier to install and update than Mingw64 as MSYS2 includes the pacman package manager and is updated with new packages very often (every few days).


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