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Codeblocks IDE not closing and returning when run in automated build environment

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I am seeing that when a codeblock project is built using make in automated build environment, the IDE is launching and build is complete, but the IDE window is not closing automatically after the build is done, and hence the build is stuck there.
Unfortunately, as its an automated build environment, we can not check what is the content displayed in the IDE, but can only see that one codeblocks application is running in the Task Manager.

FYI, the build is run on a Win2016 server.
The same issue is seen on latest 20.03 version of codeblocks as well.

Can someone suggest of ways to debug this issue.


Can you give us the arguments you start codeblocks?
Does the project has errors after building?
Is your environment windows or linux?
Is the build complete, i mean is a executable/library generated?
If you load the project on a Desktop environment, does a error message pops up?

Cmd line Arguments used:
cd ./targets && cmd /C codeblocks.exe   mctl.workspace --target=mctl_default  /ns --build

No the project does not have errors after building, As per the log, build is complete and binaries are properly generated.
Environment is Windows - Win2016 server.

Opening the same codeblocks project on a Desktop, does not report any errors.



--- Quote from: asivakum on May 27, 2021, 11:19:19 am ---Can someone suggest of ways to debug this issue.

--- End quote ---
Connect with remote desktop or vnc and see where it got stuck.

Is the build duration long?
Is there a lot output in the log?


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