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Compiler setup change has caused looping on Compiler selection screen

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--- Quote from: cacb on May 27, 2021, 09:09:06 am ---if you exit C::B, rename that file and restart C::B you should be back to start

--- End quote ---
And you loose all settings (for everything).

I was rather hoping to avoid losing all settings !

But I'll take a 'backup' as suggested.

You can use a diff tool and binary search revert the settings to find the one causing the problem.
You can also edit the project file temporarily to see if it is not causing the problem.

But you haven't answered most of my questions, so until then I'm just a spectator :)

The effect of selecting any compiler, or no compiler, or cancel is the same - asking about gcc920 and/or 930. I get back to the same screen shown as a snip in my first cry-for-help.

As you predict, removing default.conf gets CB working again - but after deleting all my config :-(

This is not where I would like to be ;-)

so I have search a bit further and find the attached message showing that 920 and 930 (now deleted as they are too buggy to be useful for my purposes) are mentioned.

Are these bind files relevant?

I'd prefer to try to edit some config if possible, evne if that would be regarded as 'brave'.

C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Roaming\CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\compilers\options_gcc.xml ?

Any suggestions?

After a delay for more urgent matters, I have returned to using CodeBlocks and after some grappling with the .xml, I got a default.conf working OK with recent Clang and GNU GCC compilers.

I note that using Codeblocks always seems to make a lot of changes to the default.conf for reasons unclear to me.

I'd really like to remove all the unused (and not useful to me) compilers, leaving just the handful that I use, preferably at least at the top or bottom so that finding them is quicker.

But when I try remove unwanted compilers using CB, Settings, Compiler, chose Borland (say), the option for delete is grayed out. 

If I use force majeur and delete the <bcc> ... </bcc> section, Codeblocks helpfull(?) restores it!

So this is hardcoded somewhere?  Any suggestions on really removing unwanted compilers?


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