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Compiler setup change has caused looping on Compiler selection screen

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I have been trying to add a new compiler version (to the several that I have already).

But have clearly erred somehow because whenever I start Codeblocks, I get the Compiler selection screen, but no choice of compiler (even "No compiler") is acceptable.  Nor is Cancel and I am stuck in a loop with only "end Task" as an escape.

Any suggestions on how best to get back to normal operator (and compiler section),


How have you added new compiler (exact steps please)?
Have you searched your default.conf file for "gnu_gcc_1001"?

You said that you get this at the start of CB, but this is not the compiler select dialog you get at first start.
Do you have the option to automatically load the last project enabled?

I don't understand why Cancel doesn't solve the problem. It seems it should. I don't know how the code operates, but at least the message states that it should.

Also it should be possible to select "GNU GCC compiler" and continue (but the project would be broken of course). Are you able to do so?
Have you inspected the Settings -> Compiler? Are they correct?

My problem is that I can't get to the settings screen shown  >:(

- or anywhere but the screen shown - whatever I click on.  Smells like a buglet that cancel doesn't cancel.

I suspect I'm going to have to take out or fix some xml setting file?  But I'm trying to seek advice before going for any nuclear options ;-)

Or should a try a reinstall of Codeblocks?

Thanks for any advice.

Reinstalling doesn't solve configuration problems. The configuration files are not part of the installations. This is true for most programs in 2021.

Does any information in the dialog change when you click cancel? Or if you select some compiler and click cancel.
If you nuke something please save a copy so we can compare before-after and see if there is something which could be fixed in CB itself and it is not just user error.

your problem is likely in C::B  ~/.config/codeblocks/default.conf

The compilers are defined there. I have user defined compilers myself.

if you exit C::B, rename that file and restart C::B you should be back to start


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