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The 24 May 2021 build (12452) is out.

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and that one is corrected too, thanks.

Let's see if I can keep the next one typo free  ;D

I have a problem creating an SDL2 project (Win10 x64)

When i select "Create a new  project" -> "SDL2 Project" an error occurs:

LoadBuffer failed
Filename: D:\CB\share\codeblocks/templates/wizard/sdl2/wizard.script
  Error: end of statement expected (; or lf)
Info[Error]: Failed to load the wizard's script.
Please check the debug log for details...

Miguel Gimenez:
Can you edit
--- Code: ---share\CodeBlocks\templates\wizard\sdl2\wizard.script
--- End code ---
, remove the bracket at the end of line 27 and try again?

Thanks, it works!

"Please check the debug log for details..."
Where can I see the log file? --debug-log switch did nothing.
The link is dead

p.S. yesterday I couldn't log into the forum. The forum has not worked well recently.

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote ---Thanks, it works!
--- End quote ---

Patch in ticket 1104


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