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Font size in "Manager" window, Projects/Resources tabs

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I am a long time Code::Blocks user, but have discovered an issue after upgrading to Kubuntu 20.04 and installing a new high resolution graphics card (screen resolution 2560x1440): Most things work but the fonts in the "Manager" window, containing the Projects and Resources tabs are so small they hurt my eyes...

Currently I am running Code::Blocks 20.03, installed from the Ubuntu repository.

I am aware of how to adjust the font size in the editor window, i.e. using
Settings -> Editor -> General Settings .. and then choose a font
or using Ctrl + Mouse wheel

...but these options do not affect the font size elsewhere. I see the font issue in the "Manager" window and also in the Logs & Others below.

Question: Is there a way to adjust the relevant font sizes in Code::Blocks 20.03 ?

If building from source fixes the issue, I can also do that. Please advice.

Well, I found a work-around. It is not perfect, but more acceptable to my eyes.

As noted, with the new graphics card I had a screen resolution of 2560x1440. I had also set the KDE font size in Settings -> System Settings -> Fonts  -> Force font DPI 120.  This generally gave good font sizes in all applications, but not in C::B. It also had a side effect in C::B 20.03 in that the compiler tab didn't show the current build target name unless the Compiler tab was deactivated and then reactivated (had to be done each time C::B was started).

So the work-around was to reduce screen resolution to 1920x1080 and disable the "Force font DPI" option in KDE. Then C::B 20.03 works as expected without any side effects (so far).

I would still very much like to know if there is a way to control the font sizes used in the "Management" and "Logs & others" panels, in order to use C::B with a higher screen resolution.

Does changing "Settings -> Environment -> View -> Message log's font size" help?
Can you post the information in Help ->About -> Information?


--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on May 24, 2021, 05:52:54 pm ---Does changing "Settings -> Environment -> View -> Message log's font size" help?
Can you post the information in Help ->About -> Information?

--- End quote ---

Thanks, that does change the font size in the message log, so it is indeed helpful!  But it doesn't seem to do anything to the font size in the "Projects" tree, and that was the main issue I had. I guess the problem would be resolved if that setting also modified the "Projects" tree, or if there was a separate font size setting (e.g. "Management panel font size") next to it.

I have attached the About -> Information info.

It would be great if I could use the full screen resolution with Code::Blocks

Can you:
1. Reset everything to defaults in KDE
2. Switch to the native resolution
3. Start CB
4. Start gtk3-widget-factory and switch to page 3 (you might need to install/compile this thing separately)
5. Post a screenshot of the two apps next to each other.

This might be another GTK3 issue, which needs to be resolved.
I don't see anywhere in our code (src/projectmanagerui.cpp/h) where we set the font for the tree.

p.s. There should a global way to change the fonts in gtk, but I don't know it. As always using GTK+non-gnome wm is a pain.
p.p.s. GTK3 is not really designed around fractional scaling factors. Setting 120 DPI is most probably leading to such scaling factors. What is the monitor you're using? What is its DPI?


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