Author Topic: Are you interested about these changes for the upstream C::B source?  (Read 16757 times)

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Hello to all,

This is my first post in this particular section, so let me introduce myself in summary,

I'm SiZiOUS, french hobbyist developer. I'm the author of the DreamSDK package, a project which provides a full environment for developing on the Sega Dreamcast (an old video-game console released back in 1998) under Windows. This package supports Code::Blocks as the default IDE.

I did a special version of the 17.12 release (which can be found here) in order to add some features to Code::Blocks, including, but not limited to:
  • New compiler/options file (dc-gcc) which specify the GNU GCC Compiler for Sega Dreamcast compiler.
  • The compiler and debugger plugins have been updated to execute a loader before running the target on the Sega Dreamcast machine: indeed, the program produced in C::B needs to be uploaded to the Sega Dreamcast and then it's run remotely, that's why this loader is needed. It's the same for debugging: the remote debugging interface is handled by this loader.
  • The Sega Dreamcast Project (dc) wizard template has been added.
I've just successfully ported my changes to the 20.03 release, so my next DreamSDK package will supports both C::B versions.

If I post this message here, it's because I'm wondering if you are interested to have these changes in the upstream C::B?

Indeed, I did some additional fixes in the C::B source itself, plus I did all these changes in a non-destructives way.

I mean, all my changes just improves the C::B experience with the DreamSDK package, but you may use this version like a normal C::B.

Feel free to tell me if you are interested and I'll do a pull request on the C::B official project.


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Re: Are you interested about these changes for the upstream C::B source?
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2020, 08:02:11 pm »
Generally, it depends.
Changes to the compiler/debugger plugins might be useful. I have to take a look at them in order to be able tell you if I think they are a good idea or not. Additions there should be a bit more generic and so useful to more than a single project/style of work.

The Sega Dreamcast compiler/project template don't seem like something that should be part of the Official release. It should be kept as a separate project with its own release cadence. I'll be happy to assist making it as easy as possible to have such external templates/compilers. Currently it is a bit painful. This is my opinion other developers might disagree. IMO we have too many templates which are outdated and which don't probably work and no one is fixing them.
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