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Small patch for out of bounds warning.

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--- Quote from: Smitty on May 20, 2021, 09:32:45 am ---I looked at submitting a patch in the prescribed fashion, but frankly, the instructions were so complicated, that I decided I couldn't be bothered.

--- End quote ---
Which instructions?

These directions are long; but, I see no reason to believe they are hard or too complex to follow.

But, who knows which directions the original poster (OP) used.

Tim S.

Scintilla upstream fixed this issue ( ) in commit: on 2020-04-30.

Attached file "Scintilla_fix_buffer_over-read_with_absolute_reference.patch" contains prepared patch that is taken from upstream fix.

I created patch-ticket:

Applied in

Thanks to Miguel Gimenez.


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