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Unreadable tab-text and other color issues

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I will post a image later, but, I wanted to start the discussion about this anyway.

At some stage a rather significant upgrade to CodeBlocks has intruduced what I am guessing is an updated UI-toolkit and color scheme.  The tabs have a kind of silvery color which fades to black, with text in a color and size which I cannot read (or change).

This is caused me no end of trouble in trying to get configured so that I can actually read the text on the tabs, or other places (message panel, under some circumstances, etc)

I have looked extensively through the forums and googled and cannot find a way to adjust this stuff.

Like I said, I will post an image later, along with my environment details.
(Fedora 34 Linux / Cinnamon Desktop)  which may be partly to blame.

Most probably your version of wxGTK is using GTK3 and this is the result.
You can verify that in the help->about->information window.
If it is not GTK3 please post the info and possibly a screenshot.

Unfortunately, due to some very strange behavior of this forum, I am *only* able to log in from a single host, so I cannot (easily) provide an image.

Why is my forum login restricted to a single computer ?  Who thinks that's a good idea ?

Miguel Gimenez:
Probably you hit this with your other computer.

Indeed.  I live in Germany, and have the same DS-Lite provision.

So, anyway, I guess I am using GTK3 , so what's the solution.

I've fiddled about with the "Theme" and other setting, but frankly this kind of stuff bores the tears out of me. 

I honestly can't be arsed to mess about trying to 'customize' an otherwise totally usable interface (Cinnamon on my PC) that other people have already spent amazing amounts of time on with excellent results.  The question really is, why do the colors and fonts on this application look so different from the desktop theme ?   
What do I do about it ?  What are my options ?


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