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Order of new wxSmith widgets (r12448), @bluehazzard


Miguel Gimenez:
Commits in Sourceforge do not allow comments, so I comment here.

The newly added wxDataView... widgets are out of order, they should use priority numbers between 280 and 270 so they appear between ContextHelpButton and Gauge:

--- Code: ---wxsRegisterItem<wxsContextHelpButton> Reg(_T("ContextHelpButton"),wxsTWidget,_T("Standard"), 280);
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---wxsRegisterItem<wxsGauge> Reg(_T("Gauge"),wxsTWidget,_T("Standard"),270);
--- End code ---

Thank you

Also the build seems to be broken:

Miguel Gimenez:
Looks like a backslash is missing at the end of

Ahhh yes.... will fix it as soon as i am on my machine......

ok fixed  in r12449


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