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Compiling to an ISO with C and Assembly


Hello, I'm very new to the whole C/Assembly/C++ ecosystem. After learning c# and Java for the past 4 months, I wanted to move on and start a new project.

I'm trying to make an operating system including both Assembly and C++, but I don't really know how to use CodeBlocks all that well.
Would anyone give me some pointers on how to configure your project to compile to an ISO with both Assembly and C? Thank you!

Link to an open source OS

Edit2: Add second link

Your question is too open ended and off topic for this website.

I suggest you first decide on the Compiler Toolchain you are going to use.

And, then asking this site about how to setup Code::Blocks to use that compiler.

Edit: Second question is how to use both C and Assembly code in one CB project.
I have never done that and the answer would likely depend on the C Compiler that is used.

I suggest looking at least at the CB FAQs

Tim S.



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