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I just managed to register here after hours. When I use the forum, nearly every second click gives me a database error.

I have the problem with:
Linux Mint 20.1; firefox 88.0.1 (64) with a lot of add-ons
Linux Mint 20.1; firefox 88.0.1 (64) fresh installed virtual box system
Windows 7; firefox 86.0.1
Windows 7; IE 11.0.9600.19326

Without any problem I managed to register with:
FP3 /e/OS 0.14; firefox 88.1.3

All devices are in the same local network.

I can move through the forum by deleting the PHPSESSID cookie after each click.
Writing this post was not possible without my fairphone.

Is this only me having this problems?


have a look here :,24430.msg166594.html#msg166594 where this problem has been discussed.
If you can restrict the access on this site (or generally) to ipv4, it works.


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