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[Solved]Problem with svn 12446

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When I try to create a new project, my C::B svn 12446 crashes :
I open C::B normally, then File/New/Project... : crash.
when looking in the RPT file, it seems it's somewhere in sqstd_rex_getsubexp
may be related to svn 12332 or one of the following patches!

Miguel Gimenez:
I can't reproduce here. If I put a breakpoint in sqstd_rex_getsubexp() and follow your steps it is not reached, and there is no crash (with or without breakpoint).

My configuration is the same as yours, but I am using 32 bits.

EDIT: I've tested on Windows 7, tonight I will check on Windows 10.

Are you sure you've done a clean rebuild of everything?

I think so. Before build, I also cleaned totally the devel31_64 directory.
I'll do this again, just to be sure ...

Even after a full clean rebuild, my problem is still there ... :(


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