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Adding include directory

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did you add a path to compilers serach directories?

In the project build options you have to add the search directory like this:


--- Quote from: Kaz on May 11, 2021, 05:24:58 pm ---Here is the build log. I've notced that it compiles without errors, but it's just that I can't open the header filefrom code blocks unless I write the full path. Does this mean that it's no problem apart from the inconvenience?...

--- End quote ---
It is a bug if you've set the search path in the project -> build options -> search directories.
Where exactly have you added the path?

What do you mean with "It is a bug"? A mistake?
There may be other ways to get to Rome but this is the one I use successfully.
If I remember right, I used a book from Joey de Vries when I startet with openGL and did it the same way since then.


--- Quote from: gaiusbonus on May 12, 2021, 01:51:52 pm ---What do you mean with "It is a bug"? A mistake?

--- End quote ---
I mean that if the "open include file" feature of the IDE doesn't work, but compilation from the IDE works, then it is most probably a bug in the IDE and it should be possible to fix it.


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