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AMD CodeAnalyst and Symbols ?.



I am trying to use AMD CodeAnalyst to profile one of the Orge Tutorial examples, and I can't seem to get it recognize any of the symbols.  I am not using strip.exe to remove extra stuff (the file is about 4.3MB bigger without it) and I have the "Produce debugging symbols" checked.  But not matter what I do when I open the exe in CodeAnalyst it doesn't show any symbols.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I doing something wrong?


This is not really a question related to codelocks...
It is possible that AMD codeAnalyst does not read gdb symbols:
I have used the Intel VTune with codeblocks even on my AMD Pc. It works quite well. The download is tricky: From the url top -> Download now-> select operating system->Select installer type->Download->In the window that pops up now: Continue as Gueast at the bottom of the popup....


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