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wxWidgets 3.1.5 is available

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wxWidgets 3.1.5 has been published today.
many ready to use compiled versions.

Thanks for the information.
Do we have some files to modify for 'Code::Blocks' ?

I don't think so. Some patches have already been done.

Miguel Gimenez:
Just remember to activate Direct 2D in include/wx/msw/setup.h before compiling

Good news.

I am currently using msys2 prebuild 3.0.5 for my work, hope msys2 will supply 3.1.5 prebuild, but using their build system(pacman, pkg build) is a bit complex to build wxwidgets library myself, anyone had done this? It needs some customized patches.

I think Msys2 thought 3.0.5 as the official release version, 3.1.x is development version.


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