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C::B very slow/freezing compiling large project

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Hi all,

I'm working on a large codebase (mixed C/C++ and Fortran, ~1000 files) with CodeBlocks 20.03 on Windows 10 x64.

Even if very few to just one file have changed since the last compilation,
every time I hit the "Build" button, C::B is very slow: Win10 "freezes" the window for ~30 seconds,
and then the compilation eventually starts. I'm running a parallel build with up to 48 simultaneous processes.

I suspect this issue may deal with C::B checking with the OS what files have changed since the last build, this taking some time? Is there anything I could do to improve this issue? It has gotten pretty annoying recently, as it also affects whenever very simple changes have been made to the source code.

Thanks in advance for the help!

What happens if you use smaller number of processes?
Are you using the internal build system or something like make/ninja-build?

Nope, same performance with either 1 or 48 simultaneous processes.
I also played with Windows Defender to add/remove C::B, its folder and all the project folders as exclusions, but that hasn't helped,


1. Is it fast with a small project? Proportionately faster?
2. How many targets/subprojects do you have?
3. Can you use something like ETW ( to find out what is going on?
4. Can you try to build the C::B workspace and see if the effect is the same?

1. with a small project (<10 files), it is blazingly fast: no wait at all
2. I have 9 build targets, but addressing only 1;
4. yes, same wait/freeze if I build the whole workspace (1 project, 1 target only)

3. I'm willing to try. does that mean building C::B locally and inserting that Windows-specific code?


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