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Hello our new forum!

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I like it but I'd like to report that the wiki link, in the main CB page, is no longer working. Not related to the new forum (I guess)....

Moreover in the main forum page the "Recent Post" tab seems not working.


I keep getting logged out way too often. Already tried deleting cookies/sitedata...

Don't login by entering your credentials into the login overlay box, click on its arrow symbol to get to the login page. On that page you can set your session duration to infinite.

This "fancy" bootstrap-blocky-design is sometimes not that intuitive. And the most annoying fact about that theme, at least the mobile version, didn't check in a desktop browser yet, it doesn't show the latest post of threads in the overview, it shows only the thread starter. Especially annoying if you clicked that checkmark button by accident.

I suspect the logged IPs aren't our actual external IPs (I see 10.x.x.x) so some information forwarding rules are missing...

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote ---I suspect the logged IPs aren't our actual external IPs
--- End quote ---

They weren't before the change, I have a static IP and it was never shown correctly.

The "Most online today" value has also changed dramatically, before it was always around 200 and now is below 10.

EDIT: Looks like it does not count guests correctly, it shows 0 for none and 1 for one or more, so "Most online today" really is "Most users online today + 1 guest".


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