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possible to show color message from compiler log message(ansi escape code)

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Can't the process be run from the command line, without CB in memory?


--- Quote from: Avan on March 20, 2021, 08:38:57 am ---Wouldn't solving these warnings not do that? Compilers need time to figure these things out, just like us. In my experience dangling warnings are some day going to bite you and they obscure new and really important ones.

--- End quote ---
The speed C::B displays warnings shouldn't be a motivator to solve them.
C::B should not be slow displaying warnings. This has nothing to do with the compiler getting slower if there are many warnings, it is just C::B getting slower processing them.

Would it then not help if C::B was slowed down even more? ;o)

I still think that suppressing and/or ignoring boatloads of warnings is not the way to develop software. If done wright the bottom line should/could read 0 error and 0 warnings.


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