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clarify the link list
« on: Yesterday at 08:44:59 pm »
Before I go any further I want to celebrate codeblocks and thank everyone for creating it !! I created a bare bones project using the GTK+ option on freebsd13.  Note that I have built and installed wx32.  I generate the project, then build it with no changes.  if I have address sanitation turned on it locks up.  After a lot of effort and time I found the flag in compiler settings and turned off address sanitation.  then it worked.  I looked in the link list and there are NO libraries in the list.  Yet when I build the project it links in all the wxgtk libraries USING the WX32 versions.  magic!  how did it know?  the problem:  It lies in the fact I have no known way to edit the link list.  I like how codeblocks works and how it automatically somehow got the links all in the right place.  But the fact the link list is not where it appears you can edit it.  And the choices you have of appending or prepending target or project are awkward.  It would help if the automatically generated links all dump into the gui, and the compiler builds its link list from that link list in the GUI, instead of automatically generating some of the libraries in hiding.

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Re: clarify the link list
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:42:16 pm »
There is no "magic" in codeblocks. I suspect you are using linux? Then there is probably a '`wx-config --libs`' in the linker tab -> other linker options. This is a command line tool provided by wxWidgets on linux to automatically gather all needed information to link wxWidgets. You can type wx-config --help in a terminal window and see all possible options...