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Code completion using LSP and clangd

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MaxGaspa, The type of crash in the rpt file has been seen before and Miguel has made some changes a month or two ago that reduced the occurrence of it, but it looks like it is still occurring.  It is my understanding from what I have seen that the problem is not to do with the Clangd_Client plugin, but you just had the dialog up when it crashed.

Just before it crashed were you editing or had some other app (not C::B) in focus?

It looks like it could be the same or similar issue to the crashes as per the following ticket:


--- Quote from: AndrewCot on September 08, 2022, 12:21:10 am ---Just before it crashed were you editing or had some other app (not C::B) in focus?

--- End quote ---

I was editing the related file source file in CB ....


The crash(both reported by MaxGaspa and looks like inside the CCManager code:

--- Code: ---AddrPC           Params
0000000070CB7861 000000002D1DC710 000000000083EDDC 000000000083EDD8  codeblocks.dll!cbThreadPool::Done
0000000070CB7497 000000000083EE30 000000002D1DC710 000000002D96A1F0  codeblocks.dll!cbThreadPool::Done
00000000709830CA 000000000B03A350 000000000083F140 000000002F8D3F80  codeblocks.dll!CCManager::OnPopupScroll

--- End code ---

Mainly in the CCManager::OnPopupScroll function.

I'm beginning to think this actually is a clangd_client problem.
Clangd_client is using a feature of ccmanager that was never used before. Namely a call to ccmanager::NotifyDocumentation().
CodeCompletion never used it. No other code has ever used it. So this is a path through ccmanager that has previously never been thoroughly test.

I'm working on it.

Edit: 2022/09/13
As it turns out, the problem existed before clangd_client was created.
But clangd_client gets the problem also.
The html documentation popup gets stuck opened (usually by slow double-clicking on a completion selection) and cannot be closed. Using the mouse to focus outside CB then attempting to focus back into CB reveils the stall.
The debugger just shows (for me) "corrupted stack".
But I suspect the stall occurs before focusing outside CB.

Probably because of recent changes in C::B sdk, clangd_client does not compile when using wxWidgets 3.2.1 (probably >= 3.1.6)
Error in client.cpp, line 3672 : CodeBlocksLogEvent waits for a wxBitmapBundle*, but logbmp is a wxBitmap*


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