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Code completion using LSP and clangd

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--- Quote from: ollydbg --- In rev 52, why do you add a file to the repo?
CC_ProxyProject.cbp, what does this cbp file used for?

--- End quote ---

That zip file got there out of frustration with Tortoise svn.
I gave up and just updated with everything from my local trunk.
I'll delete it for the next update. Thanks for the heads-up.

Re: CC_ProxyProject.cbp.
It's a hidden cbProject used to contain files that are not associated with a project. To send a file to clangd, we need info containing it's location and compile commands.
It's used to avoid making any changes to user workspaces and  projects.

A file (not belonging to a project but needing to be parsed) is added to this "~ProxyProject~" and then sent through the code that prepares the info that clangd needs.

For Example, To solve the problem described by,24357.msg169687.html#msg169687
"TypeA.h" and "TypeB.h" must be scanned by clangd in order to ask for its symbols to use in a GoToDecl/Impl request (or any other request to clangd).
Since the files don't belong to a project, they're just added to a hidden project and sent off to clangd via the usual process.

CB requires a filename in order to create a project.
We can't even issue a "pointer = new cbProject()" without a filename.

So the clangd_client code puts an empty project in the users' appdata/codeblocks folder and loads it, clones it, closes it, then hides the clone.
Loading and closing it via ProjectManager is necessary to keep from screwing up the order of plugin notifications.

This one-and-only hidden ~ProxyProject~ is created at OnAppStartupDone() and removed at CB clangd_client shutdown. It's the equivalent of the old CodeCompletion hidden temp parser.

Thanks for testing !

I'm using the latest nightly in a Windows 7 pro 64 bit OS and for the first time I tested your implementation of the code completion using Clangd. Overall I like it and it's working but I have the following comments.

1) Using a medium sized projects (75 .cpp files for 20000 lines of code) the time needed for a complete parsing is 5 minutes (4 seconds for each file). I was expecting that at the first time the full parsing is needed. Then I closed the project and reloaded it (without closing CB). Then a full re-parsing is done by CB  for other 5 minutes. Because I didn't modify any source file I was expecting that no re-parsing is required. Waiting 5 minutes, before having a "ready" code completion, each time I open the project seems too much considering that no modifications was applied. Is there a way to avoid a full re-parsing each time I open a project? May be no but I'm wondering if some optimization is possible just re-paring modified files.

2) I typed some code in a file to have a test of the parser making some bad indentation and syntax error like typing "elset" instead of typing "else". During typing the LSP messages window is reporting various issues and a red rectangle appeared at the involved line. Then I corrected the errors but nothing happened. The red rectangle is still there! Saving the file the red rectangle disappeared. It seems that saving the file  is required to refresh the parser errors/warnings despite I selected the "Update parser when typing".  Is this behavior expected?  Have I to save the file to refresh the parser status anyway?

3) During typing it's easy to get messages related to indentation like

LSP diagnostics: AteReaders.cpp|:|----Time: 23:19:23.784---- (1 diagnostic)|
C:\Development\Projects\AteSfp28BiDi\AteReaders.cpp|56|warning:Different indentation for 'if' and corresponding 'else'|

Because it's not a major issue, considering also the topic 2), a good idea could be to have an option to ignore indentation issues. Moreover I'm wondering which indentation rules are used. Different teams may have different indentation rules for their projects. So it's possible to ignore the indentation warnings as an option?

Thank you in advance for your attention.



--- Quote from: MaxGaspa on June 30, 2022, 11:24:03 pm ---I'm using the latest nightly in a Windows 7 pro 64 bit OS and for the first time I tested your implementation of the code completion using Clangd. Overall I like it and it's working but I have the following comments.

--- End quote ---

Firstly, thanks for testing.

Regarding 1)
You do not have to wait for the background parsing to finish.
Active editors always get parsed first, then inactive editors, then background (non-editor) files. Newly opened editors go to the head of the queue and get parsed ahead of background files. Code completion requests also go to the head of queue.

There's no need to wait after the active editor is parsed (3 to 7 secs).
When I open CodeBlocks workspace (31_64), the active editor is indexed by clangd in a max of 7 seconds. All open editors have been indexed in less than 30 seconds. But I never have to wait more then 3-7 seconds to use code completion or other clangd features from within the active editor.

All those files being parsed in the background are used to fill the symbols tree. They're parsed in order of last-changed-time, then last-opened-time then all others so that the symbols tree gets filled with the most likely used files and symbols.

Regarding 2)
Currently, changes on a single line need to be saved manually. Changes on multiple lines usually are recognized and clangd reparses the file. This is how the older codecompletion worked but I'll see if I can do a little better in a furture fix.

Regarding 3)
CodeBlocks clangd_client has no control over what clangd reports as a warning. However you can hide the warning as follows:
With the warning in the LSP messages log, right click on the "LSP messages" tab and click on "Show/set ignore messages". In the resulting dialog, check the box for the messages you want to ignore.

Regarding Indentation:
I have no idea what indentation rules clang/clangd is applying to source files.

I'm building this plugin with the latest wx 3.2.0 release.

The source code I use is the latest rev: [r67]

It looks like I see "Requested token Not found" MessageBox when I use the mouse right context menu-> find declaration.

I switch back to an old rev [r66], which I build against wx 3.1.7, and I don't see this issue there.

Does any one notice the same issue?



I just build the revision 66 against wx 3.2.0, and it works OK.
So, my guess is some regression in this plugin's source code in revision 67.

I updated during the week and have been updating my scripts for building both wx 3.1.7 and 3.2. and have not finished all of the combinations. Once I do I will see if I get the same results for r67, unless it is resolved by then. I hope it does not take more than another 2 days to finish.


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