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Code completion using LSP and clangd

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--- Quote from: Lazauya on May 02, 2021, 05:02:42 am ---Do you have a public repo? I'm super interested in contributing to this plugin.

--- End quote ---

I do not yet have a public repo.
The current code is very experimental and in a raw combination of both used and deprecated code, full of unreleasable log writes.

I will make a repo when I can clean up the code  and after I do more debugging.
I'm working hard at it.

But thanks for the offer. 


--- Quote from: Pecan on May 02, 2021, 06:34:47 am ---The current code is very experimental and in a raw combination of both used and deprecated code, full of unreleasable log writes.

I will make a repo when I can clean up the code  and after I do more debugging.

--- End quote ---

I don't mind. I could definitely help in debugging, test writing, code cleaning, etc. This is the kind of thing I've been looking for, and I'd very much like to accelerate development of it as much as possible, if you would let me.

@ AndrewCot:

What is your concurrently processing threads set to at
Settings->clangd_client-> C/C++parser ->Concurrently parsing threads.

It might not be there. I don't know when I implementd that.

Clangd seems to need 3-4 seconds to index a 2-3k line file, but it's very fast at the user response level once a file is indexed

In the new implementation (not uploaded yet) I set clangd parsing the active editor first, then the other open editors, then recently modified files, then all the others.

That way, you do not have to wait to begin using clangd. Just open the editor you want to work in. It gets sent to the front of the line, and it's should be parsed and indexed in 3 or 4 seconds.

Clangd can parse, Goto (decls and defs), find references, rename symbols etc. etc. all at the same time. No need to wait. Just open the file.

You do not need to wait for files to parse like the older CodeCompletion. Just activate the file you want to work in. The non-opened files parse in another address space at their own pace. If you switch editors, clangd-client knows whether it's been parsed or not. If it hasn't been, it's send immediately to clangd which parses it ahead of any background files.

This works great as long as at least one clangd thread is available.

The trick I found was to set the clangd threads to no more than 1/2 of the system (cpu) threads (hard coded in client allocation). I've given clangd 4 threads of my i7's 8 , and set concurrent parsing threads to 2. That usually guarantees that a thread will be available for priority (active editor) parses.  I'm able to compile, background parse, GoTo, Find references, code complete, show function, etc all at the same time.

My parsing times look 1/2 of yours.
What's your hardware look like? What cpu, how many threads?

But all of this will come to light with testing and discussion (as you are doing now). Thanks.

Go easy on me for a little longer. I'm running into problems.
Clangd is passing back 3 byte UTF8 chars during code completions, crashing json parses. I'm stalled trying to fix that. I found the culprit today, Hopefully I can fix it tomorrow .

--- Quote from: AndrewCot on January 07, 2022, 03:34:10 am ---@pecan
It appears that processing the files is slow as per the logged info shown below:

Opening D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\CodeBlocks_wx31_64.cbp
cbProject::Open took: 0.725 seconds.
ProjectManager::SetProject took: 1.686 seconds.
ProjectManager::LoadProject took: 2.732 seconds.
ParseManager::CreateParser: Finish creating a new parser for project 'Code::Blocks wx3.1.x (64 bit)'
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\plugins\clangd_client\src\LSPclient\include\protocol.h (1441 ms) (496 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\plugins\clangd_client\src\codecompletion\parser\LSP_tokenizer.h (3194 ms) (495 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\plugins\clangd_client\src\codecompletion\codecompletion.cpp (4342 ms) (494 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\plugins\clangd_client\src\LSPclient\include\client.cpp (3738 ms) (493 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\include\compilerfactory.h (660 ms) (492 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\plugins\clangd_client\src\asyncprocess\asyncprocess.cpp (2228 ms) (491 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\sdk\configmanager-revision.cpp (3543 ms) (490 more)
LSP opened editor parse finished for D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\sdk\cygwin.cpp (3534 ms) (489 more)
LSP background parsing finished for: D:\Andrew_Development\WorkingOnThese\AC-WindowsInstaller\src\src\environmentsettingsdlg.cpp (3262 ms) (488 more)

Is there a way of speeding this up? Any ideas on where to look or what to check or do?
I am using MSYS2 with the latest updates as of a few hours ago (this resulted in waht looked like a big MinGW 64 9.00 run time update) and GCC 11.2.0.

--- End quote ---

Does anyone know of a good UTF8 char validator.
Clangd is handing back (occasionally) a 3 byte utf8 char.
It's blowing nlohmann json parser out of the water.

I'd like to scan the clangd stdout responses for invalid UTF8.
They're weird. \xE2\x80\xA6 right in the middle of an empty function() param area. Also that strange period half way up the middle of a char area. Like an item list indicator. \xE2\x80\xA2.

When, in the initialization, we tell clangd to use "Only UTF8", it's supposed to mean 8 bits only, not 24 bits. And evidently they don't know it, because they set the response length as if all chars are 8bit.



I am not trying to be a PITA, but trying to give feedback and what I have seen when I see it so I do not forget. Even as it is now it's still a big improvement on the existing codecompletion code. The changes I have made are in the branch if you need or want to look at what I have done.

My setup is:
    Windows 10 21H2 with latest updates (checked last night and it was up to date)
    32GB DDR4 3600Mhz ram (2x16gb sticks)
    AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (8 core plus 8 HT for a total of 16, base 3800 Mhz boost 4650)
    No separate GPU
    C: & D: are on a Samsung SSD 980 pro.
    MSYS2 MinGW64 GCC 11.2.0
   C: has the MSYS 2 compiler on it.
   D: has the CB and other source code on it.
I had 1 concurrent parsing thread setup, but changed this about 2 hours ago to 8 and it speed up the overall time, but the time shown per file was still about the same.

As for the UTF8 I have no idea, but will do some searching after dinner (OZ Sydney time).


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