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Caret style = Block and selections?

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Scintilla has a generic part and platform specific part. The rendering is platform specific. What is the version of scintilla in Notepad++?  Ours is a modified version of 3.7.5. You could also try the latest scite to see if the behaviour is the same in 4.x releases of scintilla.

Notepad++ doesn't mention the Scintilla version... or much of Scintilla at all. It does have a "SciLexer.DLL" that's version 4.2.0 and was apparently originally called scintilla.DLL.

SciTE 4.4.6 has the same behavior as NotePad++ and C::B 20.03.

I'm thinking this is a Scintilla issue and a check of reveals that it hasn't been reported, and that I can't access the "Create ticket" option :-(.

"Create ticket" works to show the bug entering UI for my user.
Are you sure you're logged in

You could also try to report this on their google group.

Scintilla (and NotePad++) has now fixed this bug (even though apparently they call it a feature! :-)  ). See information in


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