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Caret style = Block and selections?

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I'm having a problem in version 20.03 when selecting text with the caret style set to block:
1. I press Shift+right arrow key. One char is selected, but unlike earlier versions the cursor DOESN'T move.
2. I press Shift+right arrow key again. 2 chars is selected, the cursor moves ONE step, that is it's blinking on top of the 2nd char of the selection instead of just after like it used to. It now looks exactly like version 17.12 used to look if you had only one less char selected, making it VERY easy to select one char too many.

Is this a bug? Or is there any way to change this behavior? It seems like when selecting towards the right the block caret is shown one char to the left of where it actually is supposed to be shown (to the left of where the line caret would be shown instead of to the right like it usually is placed).

It works fine for me

I'm using Windows 7 x64

Image attached... I hope, the preview isn't showing it (otherwise try

Image information: Rows show various combinations of caret and C::B versions. Columns show: 1. Nothing selected, 2. 1 char selected, 3. 2 chars.

In all cases the status line show column 2 for nothing selected, column 3 for one char selected, column 4 for 2 chars selected. Note how version 20.3 with block cursor doesn't render the cursor where the status line says it should be.

Now that I've had time to think about it I seem to remember the same thing happening to NotePad++ a couple of years ago, don't you share your editor component with them?

Do you have Direct2d enabled?
The settings is "Settings -> Editor -> General -> Other editor settings -> Techonology"

The rendering engine used by C::B and Notepad++ is different. We use wxWidgets based renderer, Notepad++ uses Win32.

No, Settings -> Editor -> General -> Other editor settings -> Techonology was set to Default. The behavior is the same when set to DirectWrite.

I wasn't thinking of the rendering component, I was thinking of Scintilla (just couldn't remember the name). I just checked, the most recent NotePad++ also still has this behavior when using the block cursor.


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