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BrowseTracker dialog is not closing

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Fixed rev12470. Shamelessly gloaming the editor managers wxSwitcher.

Can you post what is the problem, what is casing the problem and how you've fixed it? "* BrowseTracker - Fixed editor switching dialog" as a commit message is rather vague.


The problem was the same as many of the other small dialogs.
wxWidgets never gives the dialog the focus.
So it just sits there until the user clicks inside the dialog window.

This happens often with "Find/Find in files", and other dialogs requesting just a yes or no response.

I spent may weeks trying to find the problem, but gave up.
It appears (I can't catch it) that wxWidgets tries to find the first widget in the diaglog and give it the focus. But it misses and gives the parent the focus instead.

I used the editors wxSwitcher code to solve the Browsetracker problem.
It works.


Have you talked to the wx people about the problem? I don't see a reason for us to workaround a wx problem or to workaround a problem we might cause with some other workaround.


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