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Arduino wizard template broken?
« on: December 13, 2020, 03:22:58 pm »
Its seems that new project template for Arduino is broken on linux, the second page is complety blank, same thing happens when i tried on fresh live usb.
I'm running Mint 20, and live usb was Lubuntu 20. I installed CB from the default repos.
Name             : Code::Blocks
Version          : 20.03-r11997
SDK Version      : 2.0.0
Scintilla Version: 3.7.5
Author           : The Code::Blocks Team
E-mail           : [email protected]
Website          :

wxWidgets Library (wxGTK port)
Version 3.0.4 (Unicode: wchar_t, debug level: 1),
Runtime version of toolkit used is 3.24.
Compile-time GTK+ version is 3.24.14.

Second picture is when i click next on first.

edit: On Windows7 everything is displayed correctly, problem is linux only.

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