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The 02 November 2020 build (12233) is out.

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Miguel Gimenez:
You can just remove the call to wxRound(), the parameter is an integer. This is fixed on wxWidgets trunk and reported on wxPdfDocument site.


I have downloaded this latest macOS build for Mojave but I am having some basic issues:

* In General Settings -> Other Editor Settings -> Label in editor tab is... keeps reverting to "Relative path" on each launch or won't save the change (very annoying)
* The app hangs when trying to close it with a project open.  Closes fine with no project open.
* App crashes when trying to browse to a location in the New Project wizard. Just click the browse button causes crash instantly.

Just a remark for the OSX version: 
If hunspell is not installed the SpellChecker plugin cannot be load.
The users have to install hunspell ex:

--- Code: ---brew install hunspell
--- End code ---

--- Quote ---Dictionary files (*.aff and *.dic) should be placed in ~/Library/Spelling/ or /Library/Spelling/. Homebrew itself provides no dictionaries for Hunspell, but you can download compatible dictionaries from other sources, such as
--- End quote ---


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