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Gdb work with openocd in pipe mode,but in C::B ,some message seems missing ?

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So  I think terminal  in   C::B  do not  have  enough  buffer or  cache  .
But  I  am not  Familiar with the code  about C::B.

I do not understand how a child process of gdb can be affected by anything what is going on in codeblocks. It is a separate process...

Can you try the network option, and see if this works?

I will try to replicate your problem, but this will take some time, i have to set up the whole opneocd thing and my electronics setup first...


Thank you  for  doing  so much , it  works  well  through  tcp connection ,  but  I  can not  find   plugins for  Openocd .
In  fact ,   I  use  tcp connection  before,  but  I  can not  find  plugins for  Openocd , So  I  tryied to   use  it   in  pipe  mode.


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