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Vim plugins to CodeBlock (ubuntu)


Hi everyone!!
I am new to codeBlocks. I am trying to install vim plugins. I already have codeblocks installed under ubuntu 18.04. I found the source code of vim plugins at the link below. By the way, thanks to the author.
However, when I download it I haven't seen the file .cbplugin in that.
So anyone can help me to install this? Thank you so much.

.cbplugin is the binary file produced after building the plugin. If you don't have it then you have to build the plugin.

Hi oBFusCATed,
Thanks for your quick answer. If you give me some suggestions for building the vim plugin from source code, that would've been incredible.
Excuse me if that stupid question.

I don't know which particular vim plugins you're talking about, but they are not developed or supported by the C::B devs as far as I know.
You'll have to ask their author to help you build them.


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