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No such file or directory "error not input file" Build filed 2 errors

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I suggest you start by looking in the C::B manual:

Miguel Gimenez:
Post a full rebuild log in code tags, see this for help

Dear All,

By standard i use Visual Code for porgramming on Linux Machines, but want to try out Code::Blocks.
Well i have the same issue with the build in example under Debian 11.

I checked the log message and did the same compiling steps by hand via xterm... and it works like it should.  :D
So it seems that the origin of this issue depends on Code::Blocks.
When i checked the directorys of the project, i recognized that there is no main.o file generated in the <obj\Debug> directory.
Maybe the settings in the compiler options could be the reason ?!


Have you checked the access rights in the project folder?
Can you share your project?
can you reproduce it with a minimal hello world project?

Hi All,

I think i have found a solution for me regarding this issue.
Situation is/was that i normally use an account with root-rights on my development machine (to make some things easier).
I reminded that i had a similar issue with root-rights with another software some time ago.
So i have setup a new user with 'non-root-rights' and well, .... now it works...  ;)



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